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Thermodynamics Sun Heat Sample Solution

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I solved part a of this problem easily. The rest of this problem has me stumped. I already have the solutions to these problems, but it's arriving at these solutions that has made me pull my hair out!

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I have solved the second and the third part of the problem.

A). How many kilograms of water can be evaporated from a 1-m2 surface of water in a lake on a hot clear summer day, if it is assumed that the limiting factor of the Sun's heat of 4 j min-1 cm-1 for an 8-hour day? Assume that the air and water temperature remains constant at 40ºC. Solved!! 7.99x10-2 kg/m2

B). What volume of air is needed to hold this much water ...

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The thermodynamics for sun and heat sample solutions are determined.

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