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    Standard Temperature and Pressure of Chlorine

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    Chlorine is widely used to purify municipal water supplies and to treat swimming pool waters. Suppose that the volume of a particular sample of Cl2 gas is 8.70 L at 895 torr and 240C.

    1) How many grams of chlorine are in the sample?
    2) What volume will the chlorine occupy at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)?
    3) At what temperature will the volume be 15.00 L if the pressure is 8.76 x 102 torr?
    4) At what pressure will the volume be equal to 6.00 L if the temperature is 58 degrees Celsius?
    Please provide a detailed explanation.

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    #1 SOLUTION:

    1. Convert pressure from torr to atm
    Pressure = 895 torr x (1 atm / 760 torr)
    Pressure = 1.18 atm

    2. Convert temperature from Celsius to Kelvin
    Temp in Kelvin = temp in Celsius + 273
    Temp in Kelvin = 24 + 273
    Temp in Kelvin = 297

    3. Solve for the number of moles (n) of Cl2 using the universal gas equation:

    PV = nRT
    n = PV / RT
    n = [(1.18 atm)(8.70 L)] / [(0.08206 ...

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    This solution shows how to find several problems related to chlorine gas, given the total volume, the pressure, and the temperature of a particular sample.