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rate of reaction

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Step 1: Cl2 ------ 2Cl (fast)
Step 2: CHCl3 + Cl -------- CCl3 + HCl (slow)
Step 3: CCl3 + Cl ------------CCl4 (fast)

Identify the rate determining step, reaction intermediates and the experimental rate law (intermediates can not be in the rate law)

2. For the half-reaction

XeF2(aq) + 2H(+1)(aq) + 2e- ----------- Xe(g) + 2HF(aq) E(little circle) = +2.64

a). calculate the (triange)G for the reaction
XeF2(a) + H2(g)-------------Xe(g) + 2HF(aq)

b). given that the free energy of formation, (triangle)Gf(little circle), of HF(aq) is -276KJ/mol calcuate (triange)Gf fo XeF2(aq)

3. Acidic MnO4(-1) solution reacts with ethanol, CH3CH2OH, to produce acetic acid, CH3COOH.

a). Write a balanced equation for the reaction

b). What is the volume of 0.200 M MnO4(-1) solution is needed to titrate 22.5ml of a 0.350M solution fo ethanol.

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