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    Oxidation Number Sample Calculation

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    How do I find out the oxidation numbers of:

    - Ti in TiO2
    - N in N2H4
    - Cr in Cr2O7 2- <-- the 2- is above the margin, in the same place as if it was to the power of 2-
    - N in HNO2
    - C in C204 2- <-- same as the Cr2O7
    - Sn in SnCl3 - <-- same as others, possible -1?

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    I'm going to review each problem individually, if you have any more questions feel free to ask:
    1. Ti in TiO2: When assigning oxidation numbers, O will always have an oxidation number -2 with the exception of compounds of F and Ba. Since no charge is given on this compound, and we have two oxygens equalling a charge of -4 (-2 + -2), then the oxidation number of Ti has to be +4 (+4--4=0)

    2. N in N2H4: Usually the oxidation number of H is +1, and in ...

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    The solution finds oxidation numbers for multiple species.