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Ideal gas law? free energy of mixing ...

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I think the ideal gas law does not apply in this following problem because this problem is addressing a liquid. then how do i think through and do this problem?

Calculate the free energy of mixing when 1 mole of liquid A is mixed with 4 moles of liquid B at 25 degrees C to form an ideal solution. What is the change in chemical potential of component A?

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The expert examines free energy of mixing by using the ideal gas law.

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Consider a container of volume 5.0 L that is divided into two compartments of equal size. In the left compartment there is nitrogen gas at 1.0 atm and 25 degrees C; in the right compartment there is hydrogen at the same Temperature and Pressure. Calculate the entropy and Gibbs energy of mixing when the partition is removed. Assume the gases behave ideally.

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