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    convert to mg/ L from molarity

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    Convert to mg/L using dimensional analysis:

    1. 0.01 N Ca+2. Here is additional info: salt is CaCl2
    2. 1M HCO3
    3. 0.02 N H2SO4
    4. 0.02 M SO4 2- (i.e)sulfate ion

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    normality = number of equivalents / 1 L of solution.

    1. .01 N Ca+2. Here is additional info: salt is CaCl2
    In 1 mole of CaCl2, there are two moles of Cl- for every mole of Ca2+, so the concentration of Cl- as well ...

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    It provides examples of converting the concentration to mg/L given the molarity of the solution.