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    Balance and Total Ionic Equations

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    Balance and do total net ionic equations
    Please explain math ...
    __NaCNS +__ KmnO4 +__H2SO4 arrow __K2SO4 + __MnSO4 + __NaCN +__H2O

    __Cu + __HNO3 __Cu(NO3)2 + __ NO + __H2O

    __U3O8 +__ H2SO4 arrow __UO2SO4 + __U(SO4)2 + __H20

    __BrO3^-1 + __AsO3^-3 arrow __ Br^-1 + __AsO4^-3

    __ClO^-1 + __I^_1 arrow __Cl^-1 + I^2

    __N2H4 + __Cu(OH)2 arrow __N2 + Cu

    BrO3^-1 + NH3 arrow __N2 + __Br^-1.

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    The solution assists with balancing and totaling the given net ionic equations.