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    Balancing chemical equations and writing the total and net ionic equation

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    Balance the equations and write the total ionic equation and the net ionic equation for the reactions:

    a.) K3PO4 (aq) + Ca(NO3)2 (aq)---->Ca3(PO4)3 (s) + KNO3 (aq)

    b.) Al(NO3)3 (aq) + NaOH (aq)----> Al(OH)3 (s) + NaNO3 (aq)

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    (a) First of all, I believe you've got a typo in this equation. It should be

    K3PO4 (aq) + Ca(NO3)2 (aq)---->Ca3(PO4)2 (s) + KNO3 (aq)

    When you balance, start with the calcium,

    K3PO4 (aq) + 3 Ca(NO3)2 (aq)---->Ca3(PO4)2 (s) + KNO3 (aq)

    Then do the nitrates:

    K3PO4 (aq) + 3 Ca(NO3)2 (aq)---->Ca3(PO4)2 (s) ...

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