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    Balancing Example Chemistry Equations

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    Please give me an explanation of how to balance the following equations.

    __C2H6 + ___O2 ---> ___CO2 + ____H2O

    ___C3H6 + ___O2 ---> ___CO2 + ___H2O

    ___C3H4 + ___O2 ---> ___CO2 + ___H2O

    ___CH3OH + ___O2---> ___CH2) + ___H2O

    The solution 1M H2SO4 conducts more current that 1 M HCl? True or false?

    As the solution of 100 ml of 1.00 M HNO3 is mixed with 100 ml of .100 MKOH, what is the resulting [H+] after the reaction is finished?

    How many milliliters of .02 M HCl are needed to react completely with 100 ml of .01 M NaOH?

    The g.f.w. of Ca(OH)2 is___ (Ca=40 O=16 H=1)

    In the reaction Zn0 + Cu+2<--___> Zn+2 + Cu0 the oxidizing agent is the_______.

    A reducing agent _____ electrons.

    Complete the following equation. Determine the net voltage of the cell and decide whether a reaction will occur.

    Sn + Fe+2---->

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