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Rate of Reaction Steps

Consider the Reaction

If the concentration is tripled, the reaction rate triples. If the concentration of CH3CH2OH is doubles, the rate stays the same. Write a rate expression for this reaction and show the mechanism to explain this information. Include a discussion of reaction intermediate stability.

Predict the E2 product indicating proper stereochemistry for the following reaction. Explain you prediction by indicating the mechanism by which this reaction occurs:

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Design syntheses for the following products. Use the starting materials that are indicated and any other reagents that you might need.


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This is a first order unimolecular reaction. A substitution nucleophilic reaction-SN1.

r = K[R-X]

r is the rate;
K is the rate constant
[R-X] is the concentration of ...

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The rate of reaction and rate determining step is found for a mechanism. A prediction whether the E2 product indicates proper stereochemistry is given.