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Concentration - Units Conversions

1.) is 47.8 ng/L = 0.0478ppb?

and if so
would that above concentration be above

10,000 ug/L (what would this be in ppb)

2.) is 6.77 ng/m^3 = 0.0066 ppb?

an if so, would that exceed

0.5-5g/Kg for a 70 kg person (which is a lethal concentration) (and what would this be in ppb)

and would that exceed

Lethal concentration (50 percent kill): 2,485 mg/m3/4 hour... this is for a rat

3.) and finally what is

78.4 ng/g in ppb

and is it more then
Lethal dose (50 percent kill): 4 gm/kg (and what would this be in ppb)

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According to

parts per million (ppm) - this is sort of a generic unit of measure in the sense that it can represent a lot different units of measure (e.g. mg/L, ug/ml, mg/Kg, lb/acre), therefore a ppm equals one part of something per million parts of something else. So if you have water quality data in mg/L, that data is equivalent to ppm (i.e. 50mg Calcium/L = 50 mg Calcium/1,000,000 mg water/L = 50 ppm Calcium). By the way, if you have soil test data in parts per ...

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