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    Ionic Activities

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    Find the activity(not the activity coefficient) of the (C3H7)4N+ (tetrapropylammonium) ion in a solution containing 0.005 M (C3H7)4N+Br- plus 0.005 M (CH3)4N+Cl-.

    Activity coefficients :

    Ionic strength .001 .005 .01 .05 0.1
    (C3H7)4N+ : .966 .931 .912 .85 .82
    CH3)4N+: .964 .928 .902 .82 .775

    The ionic strength is equal to 1/2 the summation of the <multiple> (concentration of the species multiplied by its charge squared)
    Ex: Ionic strength of .02 KBr
    = 1/2 ([K](1^2)+[Br](1^2))
    =1/2((.02*1) +(.02*1))

    Activity=concentration*activity coefficient

    The question here is, how do i figure out the concentration of the tetrapropylammonium ion for the concentration in the equation, and how do i figure out the activity coefficient? The ionic strength will be affected by mixing it in a different solution, and also, the solution has another ion with a different activity coefficient.

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