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    Working with molecules in first excited rotational state

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    Calculate the ratio of HCL molecules in the first excited rotational state to those in the ground state @ 25 C. Assume an equilibrium bond distance of 1.275 angstroms.

    the angstrom part of the problem throws me off, I usually start these out by solving Change in E = ( h ) ( c )(Wo), but this is a q (rot) prob, not a q (elec). how do i solve this ?

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    If we have No molecules in the gnd state and Nj atoms in the excited state, , the boltzmann distribution tells us that,

    Nj/No = Exp[-Ej/kT]

    where K = 1.38*10^-23, the Boltzmann's constant, T is the absolute temperature and Ej is given by,

    Ej = BhC J(J+1)

    where h = 6.63*10^-34 JS, the Planks constant
    C the velocity of licht in cm/second
    and B is the rotational ...

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