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    nuclear equation

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    8. Show that for this nuclear equation, the sum of the subscripts on the left is equal to the sum of the subscripts on the right . Then show that the sum of the subscripts on the left is equal to the subscripts on the right
    239 94PU + 4 2He---> {243 96 Cm} --->242 96 Cm + 1 On

    9.When 4.oo g of hydrogen nuclei fuse to form helium in the sun, o.0265 g of matter is converted into energy. Use Einstein's equation, E= mc^2, to calculate the energy equivalent of this change in mass

    10. These are the incomplete equations for the half reactions in a lead storage battery, they do not show the electrons lost or gained
    pb (s) + SO4^2- (aq) ------>pbso4 (s)
    b.pbO2 (s) + 4 H+ aq) + SO4^2- (aq) ------> pbSO4 (s) + 2H20 (l)

    Balance both equations with respect to charge by adding electrons on either side of the equation.

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