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Light and Quantum Number Problems

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1) What is the molar concentration of a solution that is made by dissolving 6.30g of sodium chloride and diluting 1.00L?Report your answer to three significant figures.

2) In an experiment, 6.00g of Mg(s) was reacted completely with O2(g) to form MgO(s) and 148.5kJ of heat was evolved. What is the molar emthalpy of formation of MgO(s)? Report your answer in kJ/mol,to three significant figures.

3) What is the de Broglie wavelength of an electron travelling at 4.0X10^7 m/s? Report your answer in metres, in scientific notion, to two significant figures. (Me=9.109X10^-31 kg)

4) What is the energy of a photon having a wavelength of 610nm? Report your answer in joules, in scientific notion, to two significant figures.

5) Write the electron configuration of selenium.

6) Write the chemical equation for the reaction of CO2 with water.

7) What is the electron configuration o a Cu^3+ ion.

8) List the following ions in order of increasing ionic radius: O^2-, F-, Na+, Mg^2+.

9) List the following compounds in order of increasing lattice energy: NaCl, NaBr, MgO, CaO.

10) Draw a Lewis structure for PO4^3- that minimizes formal charges.

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Assorted general chemistry problems are solved showing full working.

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