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Isotope GA-67

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1. The isotope GA-67 is used medically to scan for various tumors.
a.) Write the nuclear symbol for Ga-67
b.) How many protons are there in the nucleus?
c.) How many neutrons are there?
d.) Calculate ΔE in kJ when 1.00 of Ga-71 (nuclear mass of 70.9476 amu) is bombarded by an α-particle producing As-72 (nuclear mass = 71.9493 amu) and neutrons
e.) What is the mass defect of Ga-71?
f.) What is the binding energy of Ga-71?

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1a) Ga

1b) Number of protons in Ga 67 are 31

Number of protons + neutrons = 67
Number of protons ...

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