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Finding the Partial Pressure

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Please discuss how to find the partial pressure of o2 when the container has .76 mol of N2, .18 mol of O2, .031 MOl of He, and .026 mol of H2 at 744mmHg.

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The solution assists with finding the partial pressure.

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Finding solubility of a gas using pressure

The solubility of N2 in blood at 37°C and at a partial pressure of 0.80 atm is 5.6 10-4 mol/L. A deep-sea diver breathes compressed air with the partial pressure of N2 equal to 3.6 atm. Assume that the total volume of blood in the body is 5.0 L. Calculate the amount of N2 gas released (in liters at 37°C and 1.1 atm) when the diver returns to the surface of the water, where the partial pressure of N2 is 0.80 atm.

I don''t know where to start on this problem. I have tried many different attempts but now I think that not all of the information is necessary...it this the case? Could you assist me in setting up the problem?

Thank you very much

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