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    Calculating Vapor Pressure

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    The vapor pressure of a solution containing 53.6 g glycerin (C3H8O3) in 133.7 g ethanol (C2H5OH) is 113 torr at 40 degrees Celsius. Calculate the vapor pressure of pure ethanol at 40 degrees Celsius assuming that glycerin is a nonvolatile, nonelectrolyte solute in ethanol.

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    Because, molecular wt of glycerin (C3H8O9) = 12*3 + 8 + 16*3 = 92
    Molecular wt of ethanol (C2H5OH) = 2*12 + 5 + 16 + 1 ...

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    The solution involves the calculation of the vapour pressure of a component of solution given the molecular weights of the molecules, temperature, and pressure of one of the components.