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    Hybrid orbitals, molecular structure, and making solutions

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    1) What hybrid orbital would be expected for the central atom in each of the following: ? Draw the molecular structure of these compounds and label Ï? and Ï?bonds.
    A: SrCl2
    B: NO2
    C: COF2
    D: GeCl4
    E: PBr3
    2) Draw the possible isomers of SO3 ).
    4) Prepare 25 gm of 2.5% w/w NaCl solution
    5) Prepare 50 ml of 13% alcohol solution from 200 ml of 20% alcohol solution
    6) Prepare 0.5 molar solution of C6H12O6from 5 molar solution

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    A) Only covalent bonds have hybridized orbitals, so no hybridization for SrCl2
    B) NO2 has a double bond with one of the oxygens, so sp2 hybridized
    C) COF2 ...

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    In this solution we consider two separate concepts. First, we determine the orbital hybridization of 5 different covalent compounds and predict their molecular structure. Then we work on three different problems dealing with the makeup of solutions. First we demonstrate the concept of a % w/w solution and solve, and then there are two dilution problems we consider with the help of a specific formula. Don't miss this one if you are having trouble with any of these concepts!