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Grams of oxygen are required to fill a chamber

How many grams of oxygen are required to fill a 3.00 x 10 to the 3rd power, liter chamber at a pressure of 250 cm Hg and 68 degree F? If the same quantity of oxygen was pumped back into a gas cylinder at a pressure of 200atm. and at 75K, what would be the volume be?

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To solve this question, you must use the ideal gas equation, PV = nRT.

What do we need to solve for? grams
But, grams is not part of the ideal gas law. So, what to do?
Grams is related to moles (n), which is in the ideal gas law.
Therefore, we're okay. We want to solve for n (moles).

Let us rearrange ...

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This solution calculates how much oxygen is required to fill a particular chamber