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    Finding Energy Difference

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    In the CO2 laser, the pumping action involves exciting N2 molecules to the v=1 state. If ~ve=2358.57cm^-1 and ~vexe=14.324cm^-1, what is the energy difference between this transition and the transition in the CO2 from the ground to 1 quanta of energy in the asymmetric stretch.

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    dE = (2358.57 - 14.324)*100 * h*c
    h = Plank's constant = 6.63*10^(-34) J-s
    c = speed of light = 3*10^8 m/s
    h*c = 6.63*10^(-34) * 3*10^8 ...

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    The energy difference is found. The asymmetric stretch of energy is examined. Solution provides equations, calculations and answer.