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Total Ventilation in a Laboratory

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A laboratory has four hoods each of which is 39 inches wide. When the hood door is open to a height of 8 inches and the hoods are operating, the average air velocity through the hood is 170ft/min.

a. Evaluate the total ventilation rate for this room assuming that there are no other exhausts.
b. The laboratory is designed for use by 30 students. Evaluate the air available per student if the mixing factor is 0.3, and experiments last for 3 hours.
c. An experiment is considered in which each student would be required to evaporate 7 mL of methylene chloride (CH2Cl2). Estimate the average concentration of methylene chloride.

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This solution is comprised of a detailed response which outlines and works through the equations which are required for solving the following questions regarding ventilation rate, available air concentration, and calculating the concentration of methylene chloride. In order to view this solution, a word attachment containing the response needs to be opened.

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