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    Photorespiration is considered a wasteful process that decreases the growth of C3 plants. What experiment would you propose to minimize the role of photorespiration in plants and ideally see increased growth as a result? Provide a brief description of your experiment and how you could carry out the experiment in laboratory conditions.

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    Photorespiration rates can be modulated by several key characteristics. I will describe experiments to address each one.

    First, the reaction is highly dependent on light. The more light, the higher the rate of photorespiration. Therefore, a simple experiment would be to modulate the amount of light the plant receives. Thus, it would be interesting to see what ...

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    In this solution we consider the needs of experimental design to help minimize the photorespiration of plants. The solution defines and explains the various factors that impact photorespiration and provides various examples of potential experiments that have the potential to impact each of the three factors discussed.