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Estimation of NOx concentration

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36) A freeway has 10,000 vehicles per hour passing a house 200 m away. Each car emits an average of 1.5 g/mi of NOx, and winds are blowing at 2 m/s across the freeway towards the house. Estimate the NOx concentration at the house on a clear summer day near noon (assuming that NOx is chemical stable).

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Due to the continuous nature of the release, we will have a plume. The equation that governs the ground concentration directly downwind of a release is
<C>(x,0,0)= Qm/&#960;&#963;y&#963;z x exp [-1/2 (Hr/&#963;z)^2]

Where &#963;y and &#963;z ...

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Estimation of NOx concentration given emission volume and wind speed.