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Development and use of Freon

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How were FREONS developed for use in refrigeration? What were the advantages of these chlorofluorocarbons over previously used cryogens? Outline why the use of FREONS has now been discontinued.

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The development and use of Freon is examined. The advantages of these chlorofluorocarbons over previously used cryogens are determined.

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Refrigeration in the early 1930s was done primarily with ammonia, methyl chloride, sulphur dioxide, propane and isobutane. Each of these refrigerants had serious drawbacks in terms of safety. Methyl chloride (CH3Cl) was by far the most dangerous because of the hydrogen atoms not being strongly enough bonded to the carbon, causing it to ignite. The statistically safer ammonia and sulphur dioxide were unpopular because leakages were so ...

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