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Carry out a FIVE-STEP SYNTHESIS using a reaction from AT LEAST FOUR BOXES, and any other reaction that you know of anything at all, starting from one molecule having SEVEN carbons and one chiral center, and adding anything with FIVE or fewer carbons in each step (YOU WILL MOST LIKELY ADD NO CARBONS IN AT LEAST ONE OF THE STEPS). YOU MUST USE ONE REACTION FROM FOUR OF THE FIVE CATEGORIES OF REACTIONS ON THE SHEET PROVIDED.

There is no difinitive starting material or target product given. It is up to the person doing the problem to make up their own molecules that comply with the above conditions: 7 C's 1 chiral center as a starting material + 5 or fewer C's(reagents) for 5 steps. I have to use any one reaction from 4 of the boxes on the PDF attached.


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A FIVE-STEP SYNTHESIS is carries out.