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Determination of Boiling Point

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I could use help with a few questions... Just a few sentences each:

1. What does it mean to say that the melting point of a pure substance is a characteristic property of the substance?

2. Will the presence of an impurity in a sample cause the melting point of the sample to increase or decrease? Explain.

3. What is meant by a mixed melting-point determination?

4. What are some additional thoughts to using a test tube to determine the boiling point of an unknown substance by watching the bubbling formation from a capillary tube?

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This solution provides steps to determine melting and boiling points.

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1. Melting points are determined by intermolecular forces present. Each substance has different amounts and types of these forces. Hence their melting points will be different. So the melting point is characteristic of a substance.

2. The impurity ...

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