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    Calculating Volume in Reversible Isothermal Expansion

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    An ideal gas undergoes a reversible isothermal expansion from an initial volume V1 to a final volume that is ten times greater, and in this process it does 10kJ of work, The initial pressure was 10^6 Nm^-2.

    a) Find V1
    b) If there were initially 2 moles of the gas, what was its initial temperature?

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    a) w = -pdV = -p(V2-V1)

    Here w = 10kJ, p = 10^6 Pa = 10^6 x 9.87 x 10^-6 atm, V2 = 10V1

    10 kJ = -9.87 atm (10V1 - V1) = ...

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    The volume and temperature are calculated in a reversible isothermal expansion.