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A bowl of oil and a bowl of water

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A bowl of oil and a bowl of water have been placed under a heat lamp. The temperature of each was recorded every 5 minutes in the chart below.
Using the data from the chart can you determine which absorbed more heat energy?
Which has the highest specific heat?
If you were to plot the data on a graph using 2 lines (one for water and one for oil) with the Temperature on the y-axis and the time on the x-axis, which line would have the greatest slope (rise over run)?
How is slope related to specific heat?

Temperature (°C) Initial 5 min. 10 min. 15 min. 20 min.
Water 24 28 34 39 45
Oil 24 30 40 51 63

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The solution calculates the specific heat of a bowl of water vs a bowl of oil in an experimental context.

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