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Oxidization corrosion of metals in daily scenarios

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Give brief explanations (3 or 4 lines) for the following:

a). Silver is oxidized by nitric acid, but gold is resistant to oxidation by nitric acid.
b). Aluminium does not corrode readily in moist air, but iron does.
c). You should not replace a section of galvanized iron pipe with copper pipe when doing plumbing repairs.
d). The density of the electrolyte in a lead storage battery gives an indication of the extent of discharge.

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The corrosion of metals in daily scenarios is briefly explained based on reduction potentials.

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a) Metals that are easily oxidized are those that have smaller reduction potentials while metals that are hard to oxidize have larger reduction potentials. This is because the greater the reduction potential value, the more it prefers to be reduced rather than being oxidized. Silver Ag+/Ag reduction potential is +0.80 while gold Au3+/Au is +1.50V.

b) Corrosion is an oxidation reaction. So to know which metal will corrode ...

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