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1. Discuss how enzymes make the chemistry of life possible?


2. Discuss how/why an organism must maintain homeostasis.

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1. Discuss how enzymes make the chemistry of life possible?

Enzyme are proteins that carry out and catalyze chemical reactions in living organisms. They can perform chemistry through a number of ways. Enzymes in biological systems are structured or designed in such a way that they are specific for their substrates, or the molecules at the beginning of the reaction. Enzymes, as catalysts, help to lower the activation energy so that chemical reactions that might otherwise take a long time to occur can take place on a time scale that is relevant and useful for the organism. In other words, they help to speed up chemical reactions and help to harness the energy released in various reactions, so the reactions are productive and are regulated in such a way that is suitable for the environment of the living organism. Enzymes also allow the organism to regulate reactions with any ...

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