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    Calculations of Biochemical Oxygen Demand

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    BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand
    BOD5 is the total amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms during the first five days of biodegradation

    BOD5 = (DOi - Dof)/(P) this is the five-day BOD of a diluted sample
    Where DOi = the initial dissolved oxygen (DO) of the diluted wastewater
    DOf = the final DO of the diluted wastewater, 5 days later
    P = the dilution fraction = (volume of wastewater)/(volume of wastewater plus dilution water)
    A standard BOD bottle holds 300 mL, so P is just the volume of wastewater divided by 300 mL

    For the following waste and river characteristics just upstream from the outfall, find the minimum downstream DO that could be expected:

    Parameter Wastewater River
    Flow (m^3/s) 0.3 0.9
    Ultimate BOD (mg/L) 6.4 7.0
    DO (mg/L) 1.0 6.0
    Kd (day^-1) -- 0.2
    Kr (day^-1) -- 0.37
    Speed (m/s) -- 0.65
    DOsat (mg/L) 8.0 8.0

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    Calculations of Biochemical Oxygen Demand