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    Working with radio active decay

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    How many atoms decay in 24 hours in a 2.5 x 10(exponent negative 6) Ci source? 1 Ci=3.700 x 10(exponent 10) atom/s. Please show how you arrive at the solution.

    a. 0.22 atoms
    b. 1.3 x 10(exponent 21) atoms
    c. 9.3 x 10(exponent 4) atoms
    d. 2.3 x 10(exponent 6) atoms
    e. 8.0 x 10(exponent 9) atoms.

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    1 Curie = 3.7 x 10^10 atoms/second

    means this much atoms undergo radio active decay per second.

    In our question, ...

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