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    The Concentration-Time Equation

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    The first-order rate constant for the decomposition of an insecticide in water at degC is 1.45 1/yr. A quantity of this insecticide is washed into a lake on June 1, leading to a concentration of 5.0 x 10-7 g/cm3 of water. Assume that the effective temperature of the lake is degC.

    a. What is the concentration of the insecticide on June 1 of the following year?
    b. How long will it take for the concentration of the insecticide to decrease to 3.0 x 10-7 g/cm3?

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    The first order rate equation is:

    ln([A]t/[A]o) = -kt

    where [A]t is the concentration at time t, [A]o is the ...

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    The solution provides a clear, concise set of calculations to find the concentration of leaked insecticide in a lake using the concentration-time equation, accompanied by written explanation of the relevant theory where needed.