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Liquid:Gas Phase Ratios in Rain/ Oxidation of S(IV) to S(VI)

A) Calculate the liquid phase / gas phase ratio for SO2, HNO3, HCl and H2O2 in a cloud droplet (L= 10-6) and determine which phase dominates.

b) Explain why the atmospheric rate of formation of S(VI) in the aqueous phase is given by (Please see attachment for atmospheric rate of formation)

where k is the liquid-phase rate constant for the oxidation of S(IV) to S(VI) by X in air with a liquid water content of L.

Please give detailed explanation of why you use a certain formula.


Solution Summary

The Rate Equation for Atmospheric Oxidation of S(IV) to S(VI) is explained in detail. Liquid phase gas ratios in a water droplet are also discussed.