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examples of factor-label method with step by step solution

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I am completely lost here and really could use some help.

All of the problems require 2 or more conversion factors. Please show all your work, and don't forget the rules of Significant Digits.. hereby known as Sig Digs. Again, let me repeat this... when you do Lab number two.. you must show your work for each problem.

Solve the conversion problems listed in the assignment section by setting-up the solution equation using the Factor-Label Method.

Be sure to round off all the answers correctly using the Rules of Significant Digits

Assignment 1 of Procedure 1
1. If a satellite orbits the earth at a velocity of 4.2 x 10? km/hr, this would be the same as how many ft/s?

2. If a tank of water is leaking at a rate of 3.23 mL/sec, how fast is this rate in L/hr?

3. A bird is flying around the world at a rate of 8.8 ft/sec. How many days will it take to complete its journey? (circumference of earth = 25,000 miles)

4. A deep space probe is traveling at a velocity of 22.4 km/s. What is its velocity in miles/hr?

5. A turtle is crossing a field, going 1 mile in 5 days. What is his speed in ft/sec?

6. An eon of time is defined as 1 billion years (1 x 10? yrs). How long is this in seconds? (Assume 1 year = 365.25 days)

7. A perfume company wants to dispense 19.2 quarts of a new fragrance into small vials. How many 15.0 mL vials can they fill (rounded to the nearest full vial)?

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This solution contains example problems of conversions that can be solved with the factor label method. It also contains step by step instructions on how to solve conversion problems.

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Good evening student.Thank you for using Brainmass.

I will help you set up the problems, however I will leave the calculations for you to complete. After I set up the problems using the factor label method you will need to cross out the appropriate conversion factors until you are left with the units that the problem is asking for. It is sort of like balancing equations in algebra, you cross out units in the numerator and the denomerator until the desired units are obtained. In the first problem you will cross out all units except for ft/sec. I have included the units that the final answer should be in, so you can ensure that the correct units are crossed out. Where the exponent occurs I have written an E,in front of the exponent. You must calculate the answers using significant ...

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