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Calculating Residence Time of Atmospheric SO2

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Natural sources add sulfur dioxide (SO2) to the atmosphere at a rate of about
1E8 tonnes (S)/yr. The background concentration of atmospheric SO2, measured
in remote areas where anthropogenic sources are not likely to have much influence,
is about 0.4 parts per billion, by volume. What is the residence time of
 atmospheric SO2 in the remote regions (in days)?

Proposed method:
Calculate mass of atmosphere, number of moles of air , moles of SO2, mass SO2 and residence time.

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The mass of atmosphere, number of moles of air, moles of SO2, mass SO2 and residence time are calculated from the given information.

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0.4 ppb means

(0.4 mol SO2 / 10^9 mol of air) x (1. 8 x 10^20 mol air) = 7.2 x 10^10 mol SO2

[Assuming the mass of air = 5.14 x 10^18 kg and that air is 78% N2 and ...

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