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    For the reaction
    BrO3- + 5 Br- + 6 H+ ---> 3 Br2 + 3 H2O
    at a particular time, -/[BrO3-]// t = 1.5 10-2 M/s.
    What is -/[Br-]//t at the same instant?

    Question 2
    Question: The reaction
    A + 2 B ---> products
    has been found to have the rate law,
    rate = k [A] [B]2.

    While holding the concentration of A constant, the concentration of B is increased from x to 3x.
    Predict by what factor {an integer multiple} the rate of reaction increases.

    Question 3 Multiple Choice
    Question: Nitric oxide gas (NO) reacts with chlorine gas according to the equation

    NO + ½ Cl2 ® NOCl.

    The following initial rates of reaction have been measured for the given reagent concentrations.

    Expt. # Rate (M/hr) NO (M) Cl2 (M)

    1 1.19 0.50 0.50

    2 4.79 1.00 0.50

    3 9.59 1.00 1.00

    Which one of the following is the rate law (rate equation) for this reaction?

    A. rate = k [NO]

    B. rate = k [NO] [Cl2]1/2

    C. rate = k [NO] [Cl2]

    D. rate = k [NO]2 [Cl2]

    E. rate = k [NO]2 [Cl2]2

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