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What is Zeta Potential?

Can you explain zeta potential in simple terms?

If you haven't deduced by now, my study mates and I are all Chem Engineering grads from the early 80's and sadly have forgotten much of what we academically one knew....we are all now pursuing Master's degrees and it is a struggle re-learning much of this material.

Also...we all work either in pulp & paper mills or other wood product mills as process engineers (hence many of the questions surrounding wood chemistry etc. etc.)

I am particularly interested in better understanding zeta potential. The reason I ask is that I'm trying to determine the possible electro-chemical attractive forces between the wood pulp we produce and the highly anionic phenol-formaldehyde (pH 11.2) adhesive resin we use to bond the wood fibers.

Is there a relationship between pH and zeta potential?

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