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Compounds & Structural Formulas, etc.

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A popular brand of low-fat shredded cheddar cheese advertises that it provides 1.5 g of fat with 15 Calories from total fat per serving. There are 50 Calories per serving and of the total fat, 1.0 g is saturated fat. A serving is defined as ¼ cup or 28 g. Is this "low-fat" cheese? Defend your decision with some calculations. Remember that the dietary recommendation is that no more than 30 % of Calories should come from fat.

15. Fructose, C6H12O6, is a carbohydrate.
a. Rewrite the formula for fructose to emphasize the original meaning of the term "carbohydrate."
b. Write a structural formula for one of the isomers of fructose.
c. Do you expect the different isomers of fructose to all have the same sweetness? Explain why or why not.

4. Write the structural formula for each different isomer of hexane, C6H14. Hint: Be sure the bonding really is different, not just a different paper-and-pencil representation in two dimensions of the same structure.

6. For each compound, identify each functional group present and name the class of compounds to which it belongs.

a. CH _ O - CH
3 3

b. CH CH - C - OH
3 2
c. CH CH - C - CH
3 2 3

d. CH CH - C - NH
3 2 2

9. Histamine causes runny noses, red eyes, and other symptoms in hay fever sufferers. Here is the structural formula for histamine:

N - C - C -----/
/ I I ---N

a. What is the molecular formula of this compound?
b. Identify the amine functional group in histamine.
c. Which part (or parts) of the molecule do you think make the compund water soluble?

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