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Working with molarity,molality and PH

If 4.oo mL of 0.0250 M CuSO4 is diluted to 10.0 mL with pure water, what is the molar concentration of copper (II) sulfate in the dilute solution?

______________________________ molar

A 10.0-mL sample of 2.56 M HCL is diluted with water to 250. mL.

What is the concentration of HCl in the diluted solution?

Concentration of HCL______________________

What is the pH of the dilute solution?

ph of the dilute solution_______________________

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1. Dilution ==> V * M = V' * M'

where M = Molarity before dilution
V is volume of solution before dilution

Or, 4*0.025 = 10*M' which gives M' = 4*0.025/10 = 0.01M ---Answer

2. The most important thing to remember ...

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