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Synthesis of Salicylic Acid

If 2 mmol of the sodium salt of methyl salicyate are formed, how much many ml of 3M H2SO4 are needed to form salicylic acid? Assume 2 equivalents are needed.

Can you explain to me how I figure out how much acid I need? I appreciate your help.

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Here is the balanced equation for the preparation of salicylic acid from methyl salicylate:

HO-C6H4-COOCH3 + 2 NaOH ----> NaO-C6H4-COONa + CH3OH + H2O

(Note that the -C6H4- is the benzene ring. Positioning on the ring is not shown as it is not necessary for explaining the stoichiometry of the reaction.)

So, if we want to form salicylic acid, we need the ...

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Solution provides the balanced equation and steps to figure out the acid needed to form salicylic acid.