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    If more concentrated NaOH is used during standardization would the pKa change?

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    Benzoic acid is an organic acid with a Ka of 6.5x10^-5. It can also be used as a primary standard like KHP. If benzoic acid were used to standardize NaOH, determine if if the equivalence point is acid, basic, or neutral based on the following criteria?:

    pKa < 0 is strong acid
    1<pKa< 10 weak acid
    pKa > 10 very weak

    If more concentrated NaOH is used during standardization could this change any of these results or is the pKa a constant?

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    pKa<0 -> Ka > 1 which means I have a very strong acid.

    1<pKa<10 -> 0.1 > Ka > 10-10 which means I have weak acid. [H+] is more than 10-5

    pKa>10 -> Ka > 10-10 which means I have very very weak acid. [H+] is less than 10-5
    Note: {[H+] ...

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    At the equivalence point, all base and acid react with each other and the products are salt and water. See solution for full explanation and answers.