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Research: market entry into China for medical devices

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I am looking for some help on locating academia based articles (ABInform or lexis/Nexis) on market entry into China for medical devices. other types of regulated products (pharmaceuticals for example) could also be used if in close correlation. I am looking at early market entry needs/requirements, and whether a joint venture is the appropriate mechanism for market entry (versus other types like wholly owned subsidiary, etc.). Listing with abstracts would need to be sent for review of applicability to the topic.

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You will find the answer to the question regarding market entry into China for medical devices.

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Please see the attached.

The first list articles that I found on ABI_Inform.

The second gives some information on OverSeas Productions and specifically China. References are at the end of the document. The Resource Guide has a lot of valuable information on doing business in China.

Market Entry into China


RIDING WTO BANDWAGON INTO CHINA. Author: Shaw, Sharon Desker Source: Media (Sep 24 2004): p. 24-25 ISSN: 1562-1138 Number: 711352591 Copyright: Copyright Haymarket Business Publications Ltd. Sep 24, 2004.
China is easing entry for foreign agencies ahead of its full opening next year. Sharon Desker
Shaw looks at the post-WTO landscape in what will become the world's second-biggest ad

OFFSHORING IN THE SERVICE SECTOR: ECONOMIC IMPACT AND POLICY ISSUES. Author: Garner, C. Alan Source: Economic Review - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 89, no. 3 (Third Quarter 2004): p. 5-37 ISSN: 0161-2387 Number: 715087201 Copyright: Copyright Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Third Quarter 2004.
This article examines the economic effects of offshoring and possible policy responses. The first section summarizes recent trends and the outlook for service-sector offshoring. The second section explains the economic, technological and regulatory factors driving the process and identifies charactertistics that make a service job susceptible to offshoring. The third section analyzes the effects of offshoring on US output, employment and standards of living. The fourth section evaluates various policy options for dealing with the economic challenges created by offshoring.

DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA. Author: Dinne, Keith Source: Journal of Brand Management 11, no. 6 (Jul 2004); p. 467-469 ISSN: 1350-231X Number: 687328251 Copyright: Copyright Henry Stewart Conferences and Publications Ltd. Jul 2004.
DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA. Author: Jonathan Reuvid and Li Yong (consultant editors) Kogan Page Ltd., London, UK; 2003; ISBN 0 7494 33911 4; 808pp; hardback;
Under the editorial guidance of Reuvid and Yong, the massive issue of doing business with China is addressed through seven separate parts and 230 pages of appendices. Part 1 focus on China's economy and administration system; Part 2 examines China's foreign trade within the World Trade Organization (WTO); Part 3 looks as foreign company operation in China; Part 4, investigates market entry and business development; Part 5 surveys banking, foreign exchange transactions and the regulation of securities; Part 6 outlines sectors of opportunity; and Part 7 describes local economies within China. All of this is supplemented by a huge appendices section ranging from the esoteric (Organization Structure of China securities Regulatory Commission) to the pragmatic
(Official Holidays and Traditional Festivals in China).

THE INFLUENCE OF CULTURE ON BRAND BUILDING IN THE CHINESE MARKET: A BRIEF INSIGHT. Author: Melewar, T C; Meadows, Maureen Zheng, Wenqiang Rickards, Richard ...

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