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Essentials Of Corporate Finance: Using Exchange Rates

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** The Chapter with the table 18.1 is attached. **

18-1. Using Exchange Rates. Take a look back at Figure 18.1 to answer the following
a. If you have $100, how many Polish zlotys can you get?
b. How much is one euro worth?
c. If you have five million euros, how many dollars do you have?
d. Which is worth more, a New Zealand dollar or a Singapore dollar?
e. Which is worth more, a Mexican peso or a Chilean peso?
f. How many Swiss francs can you get for a euro? What do you call this rate?
g. Per unit, what is the most valuable currency of those listed? The least valuable?

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a. If you have $100, how many Polish zlotys can you get? 100 * .2370 = 23.7

b. How much is one euro worth? 1.00550 dollars

c. If you have five million euros, how many dollars do you have? 5,000,000 * .9945 = ...

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