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workplace tragedies & the safety movement

1. Explain how workplace tragedies have affected the safety movement. What circumstances led to the development of the first organized safety program?

2. State and describe the "Three Es of safety," and explain their roles in early safety and health programs.

3. State the major players that make up the safety and health team of a construction company, and explain the roles of each person in the safety and health plan

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Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. In this particular task, you are being asked to answer 3 questions in relation to workplace safety. I suggest providing simple but to the point answers. The solution below should get you started. This outline might help:

1. Workplace Safety
a. tragedies
b. safety programs
2. 3 E's of Safety
3. Construction company safety and health team

This should cover it. You can also use the resources to further explore the problem. Just let me know if you need further clarification. Good luck!

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Workplace Safety

What is workplace safety and why is it important for companies to think about their processes and safety procedures? It is the responsibility of any organization to ensure that their employees are safe in their work environments when performing their specific functions. They have a duty of safety and welfare towards their employees, clients and stakeholders to ensure that their place of work is safe to be in and to work from by preventing incidences of injury and illness. The official legislation was put in place in Industrial Europe when labor movements began. In 1833, a Labor Inspectorate was enacted in the UK to ensure prevention of injury at factors, especially to child worker. When Germany's Otto von Bismarck ...

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