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Workplace Security: Define terrorism with two definitions

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Define Terrorism. Provide at least two definitions as provided by various federal agencies. Compare and contrast the two definitions. Why do you think the two federal agencies (you selected) have different definitions?

Ortmeier, P. J., (2009), Introduction to Security: Operations and Management, (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson and please just let me know what area of pages we used. Also, if you find these from another source(s) just please make sure the reference is in APA Style.

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This solution compares and contrasts the FBI and the State Department's definitions of terrorism. Additionally, one reference source is provided for further investigation of the topic.

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Workplace Security:

Federal agencies are known to provide different definitions of terrorism for example; the FBI defines terrorism as the use of violence in an unlawful manner which is carried out by a person or a group of person against an individual or property with an aim of intimidating or coercing a government, civilian population or any segment with a main intention of furthering an objective of a political or social nature (Caldwell & Davis, ...

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