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    Information to Present with Request for Venture Capital

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    According to Coleman, Swenson, Booth Inc. (2011), the following information should be included when submitting a request for venture capital:

    - The company's history.

    - A description of the company's products or services, how they impact the cost and efficacy of healthcare delivery, and their uniqueness to those of competitors.

    - Information regarding the size and expected growth of the market served by the company and a review of the company's marketing capabilities and strategy.

    - Detailed resumes of senior management.

    - Historic and projected financial statements.

    - Discussion of equity capital needs and planned use of capital.

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    Venture capital are funds issue by investors mostly to start up companies and small enterprises that have a perceived long-term growth potential. This is especially so due to the fact that start-up firms usually do not have access to capital markets from which to get financing. As a result of the financing required and the risks involved with startup firm, venture capitalists need specific information from the firm for consideration into ...

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