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Current ratios, working capital, retained earnings, stock

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For each of the following numbered items, you are to select the lettered item(s) that indicate(s) its effect(s) on the corporation's statements. If more than one effect is applicable to a particular item, be sure to indicate ALL applicable letters. (Assume that the state statutes do not permit declaration of non liquidating dividends except from earnings)

1. Declaration of a cash dividend due in one month on a noncumulative preferred stock
2. Declaration and payment of an ordinary stock dividend
3. Receipt of a cash dividend, not previously recorded, on stock of another corporation
4. Passing of a dividend on cumulative preferred stock
5. Receipt of preferred shares as a dividend on stock held as a temporary investment. This was not a regularly recurring dividend.
6. Payment of dividend mentioned in 1
7. Issue of new common shares in a 5-for-1 stock split.

a. Reduces working capital
b. Increases working capital
c. Reduces current ratio
d. Increases current ratio
e. Reduces the dollar amount of total capital stock
f. Increases the dollar amount of total capital stock
g. Reduces total retained earnings
h. Increases total retained earnings
i. Reduces equity per share of common stock
j. Reduces equity of each common stockholder

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Accounting: From the above information compute: Current Assets, Current Liabilities, current ratio, Working Capital

The balance sheet of Hart Co. contained the following items, among other:
Accounts Receivable...65,000
Store Eq(net)...200,000
Other Assets...50,000
Mortgage Payable(due in 3years)...140,000
Note Payable(due in 10 days)...135,000
Accounts payable...75,000
Capital Stock...50,000
Retained Earnings...165,000

A)From the above information compute:
1)Current Assets:$__________
2)Current Liabilities$_________
3)The current ratio$___________to 1
4)Working Capital$_____________

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1)The current ration$______________to 1
2)Working Capital$______________

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