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Weighted Average Method

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Do you think Carol should go along with the request to alter estimates of the percentage completion? Why or why not?

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Forecasting by moving average methods

The following gives the number of pints of type B Blood used at Woodlawn Hospital in the past 6 weeks:
August 31 360
September 7 389
September 14 410
September 21 381
September 28 368
October 5 374

a) Forecast the demand for the week of October 12 using a 3-week moving average.
b) Use a 3-week weighted moving average, with weights of .1, .3, and .6, using .6 for the most recent week. Forecast demand for the week of October 12.
c) Compute the forecast for the week of October 12 using exponential smoothing with a forecast for August 31 of 360 and α = .2

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